This is not just a needle.

Superficial stimulator 0.5mm, 1.0mm
Perpendicular injector 2.0mm, 3.0mm

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32G hypodermic needle

Accurate penetration and direct delivery of drugs.

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Compatible with all types of syringes

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LANCET 2x cut

Reduced pain and risk of injury

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Perpendicular injection



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  • Enhances the absorption rate of purposed drug by up to 30 times compared to topical application.

  • Enhances the absorption rate of purposed drug by up to 15 times compared to the conventional MTS device using acupuncture needle.

  • Equally positioned 19 needles facilitate equal diffusion of liquid drugs.

  • 32G hypodermic needle requires no down-time.

  • Due to a short recovery time and minimal pain, our stimulator procedure can be combined with a conventional injecting procedure on a bi-weekly basis.

  • No anesthesia required.

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Airless syringe system

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  • User-friendly ergonomic design

  • Equal amount of diffussion (0.06cc / 1 stamp)

  • New technique for superficial stimulation

  • No regurgitation or leakage (1).gif (2).gif
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  • Reduces the procedure time by up to 3 times compared to a single needle procedure.

  • Perpendicular injection allows professionals to reach the target layer more easily and accurately.

  • Different types of needle layout and length present various options for professionals depending on the procedure purposes.

  • Can be used with fillers with high viscosity level which is equivalent to cross-linked HA.

Compatible with
all types of syringe

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  • Compaitible with international standard luer-lock syringe

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