-    CE certificated 

-    Deposable 
-    Equal needle layout 
-    32G hypodermic needle 
-    Luer lock
-    Lancet 2x cut
-    Hollow needles layout
-    EO gas sterilization

-    User-friendy ergonomic design




-    Convenient for both professional and client

-    Equal diffusion of liquid drugs through equally positioned       hypodermic needles

-    Accurate penetration and delivery of drugs

-    Insured safely and stable procedures

-   Reduced pain and risk of injury 

-    Effective to Dermis

-    Painless
-    Enhance skin permeability by up to 30 times higher than normal application of liquid solution
-  15 times more effective than conventional MTS procedure

2.0mm 4needles A-type (20EA)

SKU: T4A-2
  • Specification

    • Equal needle layout
    • 32G hypodermic needle
    • Luer lock
    • Lancet 2X cut